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“Communicating our vision, passion and story to the world!”

Welcome to The MVP Network. The MVP Network is a part of the E-VA network (Executive Virtual Assistant) which Life Masteries Institute (LMI) oversees. LMI is a non profit organization dedicated to helping businesses and community based organizations partner together for the mutual benefit of everyone.

The strong network of professionals in media, web / internet, video production and executive assistants have come together because . . . “We believe we can accomplish a lot more together than we ever could on our own.” The MVP network’s goal is to assist their clients in cloning themselves and developing systems which will assist to generate a lot more sales / profits, while working less hours, having less stress and achieving the lifestyle one desires.

Questions . . .
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When we’re developing a name for a product, service, or company, brainstorm what we want to convey, and try to give ourselves some room to expand the products / services we are offering. Don’t box ourselves into a corner. Try to keep the name simple but fun—something people will remember. If we can think of a unique name that will cause people to comment on how cool it sounds or wonder what it means, it can be helpful to our business or organization in helping us to stand out.

In everything we do we need to balance “between getting it perfect . . . and getting it done.” The MVP Network understands and works with each client to meet their specific short term and long term goals.

Work to keep the logo simple and eye-catching. Remember that it will be reproduced and in some instances very small. It may also be reproduced in multiple colors. Don’t be afraid to be innovative in this area and go outside the box in the development.

Write down every possible medium we may use our logo to promote our story, our products, our services. What is our goal when someone sees our logo? What do we want people to think, see, hear and do? Our logo, just like everything else in media and technology should be an investment with an anticipated financial return.

Invest everything possible financially that we are able to invest, as we’ll probably use this logo for many years in the future. With that being said, we have a lot of business and financial needs so we need to also invest financially into other things as well. A logo, like everything else can be developed for hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Determine an ideal budget range and The MVP Network will find the resources to assist you in partnering with the right design / media team to achieve your goals, while keeping in line with your budget. This same concept is applied throughout every project you work with The MVP Network.

Website – Technology – Video – Media
When we approach using our website, technology, video and media to communicate our vision, passion and story to others in the most effective manner we learn how to clone ourselves as business owners, leaders and team members. When we capture best practices for full communication of our story, our successes to the right people in the right way through our BOS – Business Operating System, we will achieve our dreams and goals in less time and with less effort. The questionnaire, later in this document will help us to discover how to best develop the website, technology and video to achieve our overall business vision.

Overview – Branding
Developing a logo, web site, company name, product, or service is a very exciting step for our business. It can be one of the most exciting aspects within business to have a vision for something and then see it come forth and bear fruit. There’s not one “right” way to accomplish this, but there are some great principles that those involved with The MVP Network have learned over the last three decades which we believe will greatly assist in the process to accomplish one’s overall goals. This process can be used for creating a new company name, logo, website, product, service, or for general marketing.

IMPORTANT NOTES: The MVP Network has included in these instructions a FREE questionnaire that will help you in developing the best, most powerful, and most profitable name, logo, branding website, use the best media and technology to promote your vision, your story for your product or service. We trust that this will assist you in achieving your dreams and goals in every area of your life along with getting your story out to the world.

The MVP Network can work with others inhouse or others you are contracting with to bring an entire overall master media plan together. WARNING: If you are working with others who do not ask all the questions that we’re asking you, there is a strong possibility that others may not like working with us to help you.

Many media, design and technology firms have one way of thinking and working and feel threatened when an entire group of high level professionals are all working together for your benefit. Our focus is helping you in any way we can, even if others get the work, we’re fine with that as long as you’re getting the best and highest quality of service to help your business / organization see massive success.

One can largely tell if a company / group of people are selling us something working to help us see success by the questions they are asking us. If individuals, a group of people or a company aren’t able to ask us the best questions then there is a very strong probability they will not be able to help to provide us the best solution. They are a vendor more than a valued business partner.

The MVP Network is a very strong, connected group of professionals who not only will help us with our Multimedia – Web / Internet and Video Production needs but will actively seek to introduce everyone of our clients with others throughout the network who need our products / services and those who could be profitable partners with us.

Additional Tips

  • Remember that we’ll duplicate the name and logo many times over in many different types of media. It’s important to take a little extra time and resources to make sure we have everything right prior to reproducing it.
  • Be careful about our own personal prejudice in selecting a name or logo. The MVP Network recommends that a client develop between four to eight names and logos and then do market research, gain feedback from others you know, like and trust. Ideally, this market research would be done in connection with the clients you’re trying to reach with whatever it is you’re developing.
  • The MVP Network strongly recommends that you use MailChimp as your email marketing technology in most situations. Your situation may be different so The MVP Network will review your overall needs and determine the best technology for your specific needs, to best achieve your overall goals. Those in The MVP Network have worked with a wide range of technology and can work with anything that you have set up, as needed.
  • If you need help on setting this software up or using it to its fullest potential, please call your MVP Network representative; he/she can provide you with a referral to a local company who can help you in this area.
  • Whatever CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system you’re already using, create a contact record for each product/service line, key division, specific area, etc. and then link every related document to that contact record. This will help you to keep things organized and efficient.

Q&A – Question & Answer

Question: Should I invest a great deal of money in building a
company name, designing a logo, or marketing?


  • You’ll hear many different answers to this question when you ask different people, and Marketing Excellence takes the unique position that this task can be done by the individual owner or individuals within the company. We also understand the value of bringing in an outside firm to assist in this area and would recommend this if you have the resources. Remember, though you may hear a few success stories where companies will succeed because of a name or logo, generally, most companies will succeed for completely other reasons.
  • Where your business is currently in its life cycle will be a key factor in selecting the best marketing strategy for you. Talk to your executive coach, review your Business X-Ray, consider your twelve month business/life plan, and then develop a strategy.

Question: Can I use my marketing for multiple purposes?
How do I get the most bang for my buck?


  • Ideally your marketing will build all three of your “oil wells” at the same time. (Current / Past Clients, Referral Sources and Prospects) Work with a marketing/design/media/technology team that understands your business plan and the importance of developing marketing/design/media/technology which will be used in all areas. You will leverage your budget to achieve maximum success. Make sure you work with a team that also understands how to fully integrate your in-person, phone, and mass outreach as well.

Question: How should my marketing fit
into my overall business plan?


  • Marketing, design, media, logo, etc. are all a part of a great business plan. It should complement all your other efforts. It should make your in-person and phone efforts more effective. It should help to generate more leads and then feed these leads into your technology and media. Technology and media resources should then keep consistent with the follow-up and follow-through. Ideally marketing will be the big net which will draw in large quantities, your Area 2: Pre-Sales team would categorize those leads into A, B, and C prospects. Your Area 3: The Sale team would work to close the “A” prospects and your Area 2: Pre-Sales team, media and technology / automation solutions would work your “B” and “C” prospects into “A” prospects in a systematic process.

Question: How much marketing is needed and
how can I build my marketing within my budget?


  • A strong marketing piece, along with stronger website and one trailer video is a great place to start. A simple, clear concise message to draw in people in an interesting way is the most important part of marketing for most small to midsized companies. Within your BOS – Business Operating System, the five areas of business (Area 1: Marketing, Area 2: Pre-Sales, Area 3: The Sale, Area 4: Servicing, Area 5: Client For Life) all require marketing. As we start seeing success, where we generate more and better leads, we’ll save time and generate revenue. Often companies invest 15% of their total sales back into marketing. As we generate more and better leads our marketing efforts will be self funded.

Question: What return should I expect and when can I expect to see it?


  • The return we see, and when we see it, will depend on the type of marketing we use, the targets we set (both quantity and quality), and how it is integrated into our overall plan. Most individuals and companies will expect a return too quickly and will stop marketing sooner than they should. In the case of marketing, it’s better to go too long rather than too short of a time frame. Some marketing/media will take six to twelve months to actually show a return. Other types of marketing may produce results immediately as a result of increasing the effectiveness of our other sales (in-person and phone) efforts which will generate extra revenue and save us time but may not be so obvious. Talk to your executive coach for further suggestions and input.